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Attention teachers looking for books to supplement leveled book selections and encourage children to read outside of their school leveled reading program - we accept Purchase Orders!

Please note, our leveling criteria may vary slightly from standard programs


Buying leveled books for kids is easy with Lily's Choice Pre-Packaged Book Sets. View our pre-packaged book sets for kids that love to read!

LeveledReader brings parents and teachers the best in current children’s quality literature in leveled books. Shop our guided reading Leveled Book Sets!

Teachers throughout the US are choosing for leveled books to help them add supplemental reading materials to their leveled books reading libraries.

leveled books to match Guided Reading CriteriaLook around… Let us know what you think!

Our staff teachers review each book, included in a set, to determine which level it will best supplement. These leveled book recommendations are not intended to replace books in standard reading programs. Our goal is to help parents and teachers add supplemental reading materials to their libraries. We firmly believe that providing fresh reading materials is the key to keeping children interested in reading.


Featured Books

  • Galaxy Zack: Hello Nebulon! by Ray O'Ryan

    How many ?

    Galaxy Zack: Hello Nebulon! by Ray O'Ryan, Leveled Books N

  • Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch by James Dean

    How many ?

    Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch, Leveled Books E-F It's lunch time and Pete the Cat is hungry. He makes a sandwich, and adds more and more ingredients to his sandwich until the sandwich is way too hug...

  • Heidi Heckelbeck Has a Secret by Wanda Coven

    How many ?

    Heidi Heckelbeck Has a Secret by Wanda Coven, Leveled Books N When Heidi starts school at Brewster Elementary as a new second grader, she has lots of worries. What if her teacher is mean? What if s...

  • Spooky Friends by Jane Feder

    How many ?

    Spooky Friends by Jane Feder, leveled books G-H-I Scarlet is a little vampire and Igor is a little mummy. They are the best of friends. The trouble is, they can never agree on anything. But in the ...

  • Monster Parade by Shana Corey

    How many units?

    Monster Parade by Shana Corey, leveled books E-F All kinds of little monsters come out on Halloween night! Short, rhyming sentences, and a simple storyline, with a very exciting topic for beginning r...

Keep kids interested in reading by choosing books that they can relate to. Featured books are chosen based on their subject matter or because they are new to our store. Whether it’s related to the seasons, weather, current events or special holidays, choosing a book that your child finds familiar subject matter in will increase interest. Shop by special occasion: it a birthday month? Choose from our large birthday category. Is your child starting to learn something new like dance or t-ball? There are categories for books related to dance and sports too! Shop by subject:

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