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Reading with beginning readers:

The process of learning to read can take time, or it can happen quickly. Most beginning readers exhibit inconsistent results at first. It’s normal for a new reader to know a word one day, or even on one page, and not know it the next. Their reading is usually choppy with little regard for punctuation. Often they can’t tell you much about what they just read. They are spending their time and energy on decoding, while fluency and comprehension are low priority for now. They like to read the same books over and over. beginning readers

To support the process of your beginning readers, it’s important to give them time to read every day. It takes time to develop the skill of reading. Be patient and let them reread the same books time and again. This helps build confidence and fluency.

Try to connect what they’re reading to the world around them in some way.

When you read with your beginner, take turns reading, or have her reread after you. When a new reader really wants to read a certain book, but it is too difficult, it works well to read parts of it to her, and as she begins to recognize the words, let her read a little more at a time. Some children like to pretend they can read harder books. That’s a natural part of the process too. They are practicing their reading behaviors.

Whatever else you do, never stop reading aloud! Even though your child is learning to read on their own, it’s crucial that they continue to get the benefits of being read to as well.

Finally, remember that everyone learns to read at very different rates. Make sure you have realistic expectations for your beginning reader.

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