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  • A Bad Case of Stripes

    How many units?

    A Bad Case of Stripes. A story about fitting in and being true to yourself. Addresses issues surrounding conformity vs. individuality.

  • A Field Full of Horses

    How many units?

    Pencil and watercolor illustrations by Kenneth Lily merge with Peter Hansard's first person narrative to create a unique non-fiction that presents the basics about horses. Your child will learn about ...

  • A Pocket Full of Kisses

    How many units?

    A young raccoon pleads with his mother to "return" his baby brother due to typical sibling offenses. When Chester sees her give little Ronny a "Kissing Hand" (a kiss in the middle of his open palm), t...

  • Bats At The Beach

    How many units?

    Ever wondered where bats go on vacation? To the beach, of course! See what the bats do for fun at the seaside. Their activities are surprisingly familiar. Told in verse with striking moonlit illustrat...

  • Chrysanthemum

    How many units?

    Chrysanthemum is off to her first day of school in her sunniest dress, her purple bow and her unique, very long name. But she loves her name. It fits her just right. Until the sassy Victoria walks int...

  • Diary of a Spider

    How many units?

    Take a peek at Spider's diary. See what Spider learns in school (vacuum safety), what he and his firends (Fly and Worm) do for fun, and hear his Grampa's words of spider wisdom: "Never fall asleep in ...

  • Diary Of A Worm

    How many units?

    Just the thought of reading a worm’s diary would get you laughing, but the pages of this young worm’s journal will have you howling. His witty observations and the snapshots from his life are all ...

  • Edsel McFarlan's New Car by Max Holechek

    How many units?

    Edsel McFarlan's New Car by Max Holechek When a young car enthusiast orders a model car kit that matches the true scale of his passion-- his entire neighborhood goes on a wild ride! This high-octane a...

  • Enemy Pie

    How many units?

    Just when it looked like it was going to be a great summer, Jeremy Ross moved into the neighborhood. He didn’t seem to be a good guy and there had to be a way to get rid of him. That’s when Dad br...

  • Frank Was A Monster Who Wanted To Dance PB by Keith Graves

    How many units?

    Frank was a monster who wanted to dance. "I know I could boogie if they gave me a chance," he says. So.... he puts ants in his pants and boogie he does, with hilarious results. He dances his head off,...

Displaying 1 - 10 of 24123 Show All
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