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Books for Special Occasions

As educators, teachers know how important music is to the development of our youth.  As a leveled book store, you may wonder why we would encourage teachers to acknowledge a month that celebrates music.  Becuase we are more than a bookstore.  We truly care about providing information to teachers and parents that will help them support the children in their lives to embrace reading with passion.

There are a multitude of studies and sites dedicated to the value of music and music in education.  In fact, there is a recent study indicating the brain processes language and instrumental music in the same areas of the brain and overlap each other.  As a result, researchers say music education can help children with developmental dyslexia or autism more accurately use speech.  “Music making is a multisensory experience, activating links to several parts of the brain,” according to Gottfried Schlaug, associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School.  There are many benefits of music education, both in instruments and singing.  Among other things, music enhances the brain’s ability to recognize voices, discern verbal nuances as well as tune out noise.

To celebrate and draw importance to music, we can recommend “A Mouse Called Wolf” by Dick King-Smith, “Dancing Dinos Go to School” by Sally Lucas, and “Mr. Putter and Tabby Toot the Horn” by Cynthia Rylant.

A Mouse Called Wolf” is recommended for the 4-8 age group (grades K-3).  It is about a tiny mouse with a big name finding a slightly chewed piece of sheet music with the words “Wolfgang Amadeus Mo”…with the family mouse hole just behind the leg of a grand piano played twice a day by an elderly woman, Wolf loves the… Continue reading

February is quite the month for celebration.  Not only is there Valentine’s Day, but it is the month in which two presidents are honored—and also to be honored is the history of African Americans.  February is Black History Month.

From our Leveled Reading selections, readers have an opportunity to learn about two famous African Americans, Sojourner Truth and Jackie Robinson.

Did you know that Sojourner Truth’s birth name was Isabella Baumfree?  She became an itinerant preacher during the mid-1800s, on a mission to abolish slavery.  Our selected book, titled “Sojourner Truth:  Path to Glory” by Peter Merchant, takes the reader through Sojourner’s enslaved childhood and free adult life and why she changed her name.  She successfully proclaimed her message of equality for blacks and women, even though she was illiterate, through giving speeches and writing poems and a book.

This book is included in our Level J-K book set as well as available as a single book purchase.  Generally appropriate for Grade Two students, but may be appropriate for some Grade One students.  As you review our Leveling Criteria chart, you can best determine the Level based on various reading test scores.

For a printable resource on Sojourner Truth, you can visit the Scholastic site.

We all know Jackie Robinson is famous for baseball.  Did you know he was the first black player in modern major league baseball?  And, in 1962, he became the first black player to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Read more about how special Jackie Robinson was in our selected book, “Jackie Robinson:  He Led the Way” by April Jones Prince.”  In simple, engaging language, this book follows Jackie from childhood through his career… Continue reading

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