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Teachers and parents are looking for high quality nonfiction readers.

Nonfiction books are an essential part of any complete library – at home or in the classroom. Leveled Reader has the nonfiction titles that kids are searching for. Nonfiction titles written by excellent children’s authors and beautifully illustrated, bring the world to your inquisitive kids.

We have a selection of nonfiction readers at Leveled Reader that spans the levels from A-B to Q-R. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

We know how challenging it is to find great nonfiction books at the younger reading levels. We have found the best ones for you! At the A-B level we have an engaging nonfiction book titled Jump, Pup! It’s a delightful first reader full of irresistible action shots of a puppy at play. With one short sentence per page, the photos perfectly illustrate the text. childrens books nonfiction

At the C-D level we offer Sleep, Bear! and Go, Cub! also from National Geographic Kids. Through simple text and vivid photos, kids can follow a bear cub and his family as they prepare to hibernate for the winter. Or they can learn about a lion cub’s day of adventures on the African savanna. childrens books nonfiction

A Butterfly Grows is a very popular title at the E-F level by Stephen Swinburne. Told from the perspective of the caterpillar-in-transition, it uses short sentences and simple vocabulary to tell the story of a metamorphosis. Illustrated with incredible photographs.

At the G-H-I level you will find a set of nonfiction books that is sure to please beginning readers. In G-H-I Leveled Book Set 8 we have assembled Kit-Kit-Kittens, Hedge-Hedgey-Hedgehogs, Pup-Pup-Puppies, Pig-Piggy-Pigs and Ham-Ham-Hamsters for a thoroughly enjoyable introduction to nonfiction reading.

For more information about choosing nonfiction books, see children’s nonfiction books.


Check out these new book sets that will captivate both avid and reluctant readers:

Leveled Reader’s new C-D set 7 has a great variety of books for beginning readers. A big favorite in this set is Otis’s Busy Day. Kids love to read about Otis the Tractor doing his farm work and playing with all his animal friends. This is a reader born from the series of beautiful Otis picture books by Loren Long. childrens books

The husband and wife team of David Soman and Jacky Davis has a loyal following of fans who can’t get enough of Ladybug Girl. They started out writing picture books about Ladybug Girl (aka Lulu) and her trusty dog, Bingo. Now she stars in a reader celebrating individuality, creativity and imagination.

Max is another child with a big imagination. When he finds an egg, he wonders if it contains a baby dinosaur. New readers will delight in finding out what exactly is inside Max’s egg, and what he decides to do with it.

Our newest E-F leveled set 7 also has some fantastic childrens books that we are excited to share with you! Starting with Drop It, Rocket! featuring the incredibly charming pup named Rocket, who is learning from the little yellow bird how to read. They go looking for things to put on their word tree, but when Rocket finds a red boot, it’s too hard to let go! Rocket originally starred in the wildly popular How Rocket Learned to Read picture book by Tad Hills.childrens books

Your kids will enjoy meeting Pig and Pug, two entertaining but unlikely friends, living on a farm. It’s a delightful story of a budding friendship with lots of repetition and sweet illustrations.

This set also includes the story of Frances, a little girl… Continue reading

What’s new in nonfiction at Leveled Reader:

Lots of teachers ask for high quality nonfiction titles to add to their classroom libraries. At Leveled Reader we have some fantastic new nonfiction books to share with you! You’re going to love these. nonfiction childrens books

It can be a bit challenging to find good nonfiction books that are leveled at the A through D levels. But we have found some for the youngest readers. First, we have Chicks! by Sandra Horning in our C-D Set 5, in which a family brings home chicks from a local farm, and shows exactly what is needed to raise chicks. This book is somewhere between fiction and nonfiction, but definitely qualifies as informational text, with its clear step-by-step description of the process, and realistic illustrations. You’ll find On a Farm by Alexa Andrews in A-B Set 5, a very simple first reader with lots of repetition and big, clear photos of farm animals. Also at the A-B level is Jump, Pup! an adorable book all about a puppy’s playful day. It’s published by the National Geographic Society, and has fabulous pictures that illustrate the text perfectly. nonfiction childrens books

Our E-F Set 6 includes Wolf Pup, a popular choice, which follows a young pup from the day of his birth to his first winter. It’s an engaging introduction to nature studies from the American Museum of Natural History.

In G-H-I Set 6, one of our favorite books is back in print! Best Friends: The True Story of Owen and Mzee. It’s the heartwarming tale of a baby hippo and a very old tortoise who adopt each other in an animal sanctuary in Kenya. nonfiction chidrens books

Seal Pup Rescue in L-M Set 5 is the wonderfully written story of Leopard… Continue reading

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