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Leveled Book News

A great selection of books about school:

It plays a big part in their lives! School is a hot topic for young readers, and Leveled Reader has some fantastic books that kids will be eager to pick up. You’l find books for kids at all reading levels. Here are some of our favorites. We’re sure they will soon be your favorites too!

common core standards reading

Mouse Loves School, level C-D
When Mouse climbs inside a red backpack, he never expects to end up at school! But soon he’s loving it.

Max and Mo’s First Day at School, level E-F
It’s Max and Mo’s first day back at school. This year they’re living in the art room, and it’s time to make new friends.

Diary of a Worm: Teacher’s Pet, level G-H-I
Worm loves his teacher, Mrs. Mulch. When he finds out that it’s her birthday, he’s in a quandary about what to get her for a gift.

Monster School: First Day Frights, level G-H-I
Norm is just a normal kid, but this year he finds himself in a new school where all his classmates are monsters!

Amelia Bedelia Joins the Club, level J-K
Amelia Bedelia’s class has split into two clubs – the Puddle Jumpers and the Puddle Stompers. She has to decide which club she wants to join, or does she?common core standards reading

The Best Seat in Second Grade, level J-K
Every week Sam’s teacher picks a Hamster Helper, but when is it going to be Sam’s turn?

The Playground Problem, level G-H-I
A great reminder that the best teams are the ones that everyone gets to play on.

Eerie Elementary: The School is Alive, level N
On his first day of school, Sam discovers that his elementary school is alive! And it… Continue reading

Fresh spring books for growing readers:

Spring is the season for planting gardens, watching baby animals grow, playing outside, and finding bugs. Leveled Reader has a variety of enticing spring books at various reading levels. Take a look at these picks for your young readers. beginning readers

Lots of families plant gardens in the spring. Seed to Plant (L-M) is a beautiful nonfiction reader that explains where plants come from and how they grow. The bright, clear photos in this book nicely illustrate the concepts. The Little Critter story, A Green, Green Garden (E-F) shows how the family plants a garden, then waters and weeds and waits for it to grow vegetables. This one has the entertaining illustrations that we’ve come to expect from the Little Critter series. beginning readers

Spring is butterfly season. The nonfiction reader, A Butterfly Grows (E-F), has always been a very popular title. It is hard to find nonfiction titles at such an early level, but this one is stellar. With its crystal clear photos and simple, yet informative text, this is a reader that belongs in every classroom and home library. Pair it with Butterfly Garden (G-H-I), in which Mrs. Connor’s first grade class watches their caterpillars become butterflies. It perfectly beginning readerscaptures the excitement of the children’s anticipation as they wait to see the butterflies appear.

It just wouldn’t be spring without baby animals. We offer Chicks! a book at the C-D level, about a family who brings home a box of fuzzy little chicks, and watches them grow into adult chickens who then lay eggs of their own. And you definitely won’t want to miss the adorable nonfiction reader, Kit-Kit-Kittens (G-H-I), filled with fun facts about how kittens grow into cats, and how to care for them.… Continue reading

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