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Beloved author Beverly Cleary turns 100:

Leveled Reader is joining the celebration of Beverly Cleary’s 100th birthday! One hundred years ago today she was born in McMinville, Oregon. When she was growing up, her school librarian encouraged her to write children’s books. The idea appealed to her and when she grew up she decided to write the books she wanted to read as a girl, but couldn’t find on the shelves at the time. She wrote funny, touching stories inspired by her own neighborhood and the real children she knew. Common Core Standards Reading

Beverly Cleary is the author of more than 40 books, including the classics Beezus and Ramona, Henry and Ribsy, and Dear Mr. Henshaw, which won the Newberry Medal in 1984. Her first book, Henry Huggins, was published in 1950, and her last book, Ramona’s World, was published in 1999. Harper Collins is now publishing new editions of some of her most popular works. What a long and distinguished career! Her works also include two memoirs, The Girl from Yamhill (1988), and My Own Two Feet (1995).

Beverly Cleary is a beloved author with many fascinating stories to tell, and she continues to capture the hearts and imaginations of children of all ages. Her books have stood the test of time, and make fantastic read alouds.

These books support the Common Core Standards Reading. Enjoy these other favorites by Beverly Cleary:


“I had a very wise mother. She always kept books that were my grade level in our house.”    -Beverly Cleary



Leveled books to captivate your beginning readers

We found five fresh new C and D leveled books that will delight children in the early stages of learning to read. At the C and D levels, developing readers are just starting to expand the range of words they can read. The books in this set have been chosen because they contain interesting stories with interesting vocabulary, and are also well-illustrated. They are books that we know will be read again and again. leveled books

The first book, Monkey Play, is a rhyming story of some silly monkeys and their antics from the jungle to the marketplace. It’s a brightly illustrated romp from a favorite author, Alyssa  Satin Capucilli. Next we have the story of Axel the Truck and his day at the beach. Axel has a loud engine, and he loves to get dirty and to race the big trucks. In Gus Gets Scared, Gus is a young rhino who pitches a tent in his backyard and plans to sleep out in it. You’ll see what happens when Dad joins in the fun. Guppy Up is about a unique fish who shops, mops, drives and plays the drums. His story is told with just a few words in a rhyming text, and bold, funny pictures. Ice Cream Soup rounds out the set with a sweet story about making an ice cream cake that doesn’t quite turn out as planned. This one will be adored by all those kids who would like to be on their own in the kitchen.

This carefully selected set of C-D leveled books is a great addition to your leveled reader collection. Let us help you find the best new readers that will become the old favorites of your budding readers!

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Leveled books for the youngest readers

As teachers and parents of young readers, you know how hard it is to find good quality leveled books at the A and B levels. We search high and low for these beginning leveled books. We are confident that we have found the very best new A and B leveled books for you. Our leveled books are carefully selected to optimize the learning-to-read experience for the very beginning readers. There are not many books out there that are truly A and B leveled books. leveled books A-B

Our newest A-B leveled book set features some very fine new titles. First, we have a sweet book about a cat’s busy day. It has lots of repetition, illustrations that closely match the text, and is titled simply Cat Days by Alexa Andrews. We also include Clara and Clem Take a Ride, a very engaging book about an imaginary road trip. Its delightful illustrations tell a large part of the story. Also in A-B Set 5 is Robot Go Bot, another rich story told in just a few words by Dana Meachen Rau. On a Farm by Alexa Andrews is a rare nonfiction A-B leveled book. This is a very simple book about the animals, food, and other things that are found on a farm. You’ll enjoy the beautiful, clear photographs on every page. The final book in the set is a unique story called Play With Blue, about an alien who drops into the backyard of a boy and girl and invites them to play with him.

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