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A great selection of books about school:

It plays a big part in their lives! School is a hot topic for young readers, and Leveled Reader has some fantastic books that kids will be eager to pick up. You’l find books for kids at all reading levels. Here are some of our favorites. We’re sure they will soon be your favorites too!

common core standards reading

Mouse Loves School, level C-D
When Mouse climbs inside a red backpack, he never expects to end up at school! But soon he’s loving it.

Max and Mo’s First Day at School, level E-F
It’s Max and Mo’s first day back at school. This year they’re living in the art room, and it’s time to make new friends.

Diary of a Worm: Teacher’s Pet, level G-H-I
Worm loves his teacher, Mrs. Mulch. When he finds out that it’s her birthday, he’s in a quandary about what to get her for a gift.

Monster School: First Day Frights, level G-H-I
Norm is just a normal kid, but this year he finds himself in a new school where all his classmates are monsters!

Amelia Bedelia Joins the Club, level J-K
Amelia Bedelia’s class has split into two clubs – the Puddle Jumpers and the Puddle Stompers. She has to decide which club she wants to join, or does she?common core standards reading

The Best Seat in Second Grade, level J-K
Every week Sam’s teacher picks a Hamster Helper, but when is it going to be Sam’s turn?

The Playground Problem, level G-H-I
A great reminder that the best teams are the ones that everyone gets to play on.

Eerie Elementary: The School is Alive, level N
On his first day of school, Sam discovers that his elementary school is alive! And it… Continue reading

Kids will love reading these new books this summer!

Leveled Reader has some fantastic new selections for young readers to dive into over the warm summer months. You’ll find fun and exciting new books from level G through level M. A wide variety of topics will ensure that there is something to please every reader. leveled reading

Our new G-H-I set has some favorite familiar characters that are making the move from picture books to readers. These include Worm, from Diary of a Worm, Charlie the Ranch Dog, and Froggy.

Leveled Reader’s newest J-K set is full of books about friendship. There’s Bramble and Maggie, the story of how a friendship grows between a horse and her girl. Monkey and Elephant are two friends who take care of each other when they’re sick. Boris for the Win is the tale of a boy, well, warthog, who has to make a choice between going for the gold or helping a friend in need. leveled reading

In the new L-M set you’ll find more variety for kids who are growing in their reading skills and broadening their interests. This set includes a fascinating nonfiction title about Leopard, a young seal pup on the beach, and the boy who watches over him to protect him from curious people and dogs while his mother is fishing in the ocean. You’ll learn about Seal Sitters, a group  committed to protecting seal pups like Leopard, who rest on the beaches of Oregon and Washington.

We’re thrilled to offer these new sets of leveled readers to entice our young friends to keep reading all through the summer! You can order them here:
G-H-I set 7,  J-K set 8,  L-M set 5

Happy summer reading!

Leveled Readers with a friendship theme

leveled readersDuring February our thoughts turn to love and friendship. Here at we have an abundance of leveled readers about friendship and relationships. Here is sampling of some of our most popular ones.

In level A-B we have Robot, Go Bot!, a “comic reader” about a friendship between a girl and a robot, and how they work through a misunderstanding. The same set, A-B 5, contains Play With Blue, a simple story told in a few words and expressive pictures, the story of two kids and visitor from space. Another A-B leveled reader in Set 4, Panda Kisses, depicts the love of families in sweet rhyming verse.

The delightful story of The Velveteen Rabbit and the Boy portrays the classic friendship between the famous rabbit and his beloved boy in
Set C-D 5.

leveled readersSome of our favorite G-H-I books are about the friendship between two characters who are as different as night and day. Mac and Cheese, in G-H-I Set 4, is about two cat friends. One loves to jump and play and flip and skip and sing, while his friend, Cheese, doesn’t like to do much of anything. However, when Mac loses his hat, Cheese proves how much he cares for his friend. In Katy Duck Makes a Friend (G-H-I Set 6), Katy wonders if she and her new neighbor, Ralph, will ever find anything they have in common. Spooky Friends is a brand new G-H-I level book in which Scarlet and Igor find they can’t agree on anything, and yet they do agree that they are great friends.

Pearl and Wagner: Two Good Friends is the tale of friends who are very different. Pearl is a hardworking rabbit and Wagner is a daydreaming mouse, but they… Continue reading

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