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Exploring Leveled Books

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Thanksgiving on Thursday by Mary Pope Osborne, Leveled Books L-M

The Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to the eve of the first Thanksgiving. There they meet the Pilgrims as well as Squanto, a Native American who helped them. The story offers an age-appropriate, in-depth picture of what life was really like for early settlers, as well as the usual Magic Tree House adventure and excitement.


Author: Mary Pope Osborne

Binding Type: Paperback

Fiction/Non-Fiction: Fiction

Leveled Group: L-M

Age Level: 6-9

Grade: 1st - 3rd

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The Playground Problem (Robin Hill School) by Margaret McNamara, leveled books G-H-I

There's a problem on the playground! The boys won't let the girls play soccer with them during recess. Emma is furious! So she figures out a plan to get them to change their minds. And in the end they all learn that the best teams are the ones that everyone gets to play on!


Author: Margaret McNamara

Binding Type: Paperback

Fiction/Non-Fiction: Fiction

Leveled Group:G-H-I

Age Level: 5-8

Grade: Kindergarten - 1st

Reading great children’s books:

The way children become good readers is to spend a lot of time reading. Kids need lots of time and space in their days to read, every day, at school and at home. And when they love their books, they will choose to spend more time reading. According to successful reading teachers, the only way to encourage a love of reading is to invite kids to choose their own books. Wise parents and teachers gather the best in children’s literature, make it readily available, and help kids make their selections if they need it. This enables them to form identities for themselves as readers. It’s important for every child to learn to “own” their favorite books, authors, genres, etc. Their personal selections are the basis for building a lifelong love of reading. children's books

With this in mind, children need to have access to a wide variety of books, of all levels, not only at their current reading level, but also at lower levels and at higher levels. A child wants to be able to select books that interest him, not just ones that are at the specific level at which he is functioning at any given moment in time. So our challenge as parents and teachers is to provide that access to as many books as possible, with a good range of genres, formats, authors, topics and characters.

At Leveled Reader we believe that good children’s literature is really just good literature. We choose the books in our book sets by asking “Is this good literature?”, and “Will kids love this?” Take a look at the children’s books we have selected for young readers, and be prepared to find some new favorites.

Read our new N leveled books

We have two new sets of books for readers in grades 2, 3 and 4. We have chosen books that we know will have a high level of appeal for girls, and some that will attract the boys in this age group. You’ll find something for everyone here! leveled books

Take a look inside our new N Set 5. We have five new books with strong female characters. First, there is Judy Moody, who many of us have known for years. This is the latest Judy story from Megan McDonald: Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm. You can also find a book about her little brother, Stink, in our N Set 3. Look for a spin-off series called Judy Moody and Friends in level L-M, coming soon.

Heidi Heckelbeck Has a Secret is the first book in a terrific young chapter book series. At her new school, Heidi seems just like any other eight-year-old, but when mean-girl Melanie makes her life miserable, Heidi makes a plan to use her Book of Spells to teach Melanie a lesson. At the end of the book, Heidi reveals her secret – she’s a witch! Young readers will want to keep reading the rest of the series to find out what Heidi is up to next.

The Critter Club is a group of girls who are committed to helping lost and lonely animals in their town. In the first book of the series, Amy solves the mystery of Rufus the missing puppy. leveled books

White Fur Flying is a new book from Newberry Medalist Patricia MacLachlan, of Sarah Plain and Tall fame. Zoe’s family rescues Great Pyrenees dogs. When a silent, troubled boy moves into the house next door, he will speak only to Kodi, a… Continue reading

Wintry leveled books from A to K

Winter is definitely here! And Leveled Reader has some wonderful winter tales for your developing readers. Choose from books leveled A through K. leveled books

For the youngest readers we have the ever-popular Snow Trucking from the Trucktown series by Jon Scieszka. You’ll find it in Set A-B 3. In Gus Makes a Friend, we find the industrious young rhino building a new friend for himself when everyone else is too busy to play (Set C-D 6). At level E-F, we have Max and Mo Make a Snowman, in which the the two classroom hamsters create their own snowperson in the warmth of the art room. Level E-F also offers us an old favorite titled Snow Surprise, a Green Light Reader about a snowy day filled with fun for Joan and her little brother (Set E-F 3). leveled books

Splat the Cat fans will love the brand new addition to the series called Blow Snow Blow, in which Splat gets so tired of waiting for it to snow that he decides to make his own snow, with hilarious results. Also in the G-H-I level you’ll find Snow Dog Marley, in which the rambunctious pup surprises his family with his good behavior on a snowy day.

In J-K leveled books we find the beloved duo, Henry and Mudge, entering a snowman contest. And last but not least, check out It’s Snowing! It’s Snowing!, a collection of charming winter-themed poems by Jack Prelutsky ( Set J-K 2).

This season is the perfect time to curl up with a good book, and lose yourself in a frosty winter adventure with one of your favorite characters. Just grab a cup of cocoa and dive right in!

Leveled books for the youngest readers

As teachers and parents of young readers, you know how hard it is to find good quality leveled books at the A and B levels. We search high and low for these beginning leveled books. We are confident that we have found the very best new A and B leveled books for you. Our leveled books are carefully selected to optimize the learning-to-read experience for the very beginning readers. There are not many books out there that are truly A and B leveled books. leveled books A-B

Our newest A-B leveled book set features some very fine new titles. First, we have a sweet book about a cat’s busy day. It has lots of repetition, illustrations that closely match the text, and is titled simply Cat Days by Alexa Andrews. We also include Clara and Clem Take a Ride, a very engaging book about an imaginary road trip. Its delightful illustrations tell a large part of the story. Also in A-B Set 5 is Robot Go Bot, another rich story told in just a few words by Dana Meachen Rau. On a Farm by Alexa Andrews is a rare nonfiction A-B leveled book. This is a very simple book about the animals, food, and other things that are found on a farm. You’ll enjoy the beautiful, clear photographs on every page. The final book in the set is a unique story called Play With Blue, about an alien who drops into the backyard of a boy and girl and invites them to play with him.

Learn more about our leveled books.

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To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3 – 7, 2010 and Teacher Appreciation Day, May 4, 2010 . . .

We, here at Leveled, and I am sure all of our many customers who care so much about literacy, helping educators supplement reading programs and providing a key to a child’s success, want to thank teachers everywhere.

Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions,” Anonymous.  This is true.  Few other professionals touch as many people as teachers do.

“What the teacher is, is more important than what he [or she] teaches,” Soren Kierkegaard. National Teacher Appreciation Day is a good time to learn about the contributions educators make to our communities every day.  Among other things, teachers work to open students’ minds to ideas, knowledge, and dream.  Teachers fill many roles, as listeners, advocates, explorers, role models, motivators, and mentors.

“The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior,” Marva Collins. It is our continued desire to be part of the community that brings learning to life, supporting and supplementing the teacher’s efforts.  For teachers looking for books to supplement leveled book selections and encourage children to read outside of their school leveled reading program, one of the resources Leveled Reader provides is Lily’s Choice Pre-Packaged Book Sets with the flexibility to create your own leveled book set with the handy substation tools.

“A master can tell you what he expects of you.  A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations,” Patricia Neal. Just like books and reading!  And, to all the teachers and educators, Leveled Reader says “thank you” for opening the door.

“A teacher affects eternity; he [or she] can never tell where his [or her] influence stops,” Anonymous. It is… Continue reading

The month of May is designated to celebrate many things, among them is “Mental Health Month.”  According to experts, to have good mental health, your brain needs to be physically fit and emotionally fit.  To keep your brain physically fit, keep your body healthy.  This will boost your self esteem, mood, and overall mental state.

At least 30 minutes a day of some sort of physical activity helps improve memory, reasoning, and reaction times in your brain.  You can do things like walk 100 steps after eating, you can spread the 30 minutes out over the day.  A balanced diet helps improve memory, decision making and thinking abilities, and mood.  Getting enough rest helps keep your body and brain stay healthy.  Exercising your mind is important for good mental health, too.  Simple mind puzzles like word searches, cards, Yahtzee or crosswords, or reading the newspaper will help stimulate the brain.  Deep breathing, listening to certain types of music, writing, a hobby, or reading helps your emotional state.

Maintaining a healthy self esteem is integral to good mental health.  A person with healthy self esteem realizes their strengths and weaknesses, they are confident, able to act independently, be responsible, take pride in achievements, tolerate frustration, try new things, and offer help to others.  A healthy self esteem improves your mood, mental ability and enjoyment in life.

To help build self esteem in your child, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Children thrive on positive attention.  Encouragement goes a long way.  Offer praise, teach them how to think in positive ways, avoid ridiculing or shaming, let them own their problem but teach them to recognize when they have made good decisions, show them you… Continue reading

For those readers who are educators or teachers, you know the National Education Association (NEA) shares information on a variety of educational topics.  Among those topics is C.A.R.E. and C.A.R.E. Strategies for Closing the Achievement Gaps.  Those strategies include:

  • Allowing students to select a reading partner.
  • Showing a short video clip as a pre-reading activity.
  • Reading aloud with stops for quick oral responses.
  • Engaging students in challenging discussions of the meaning of reading materials that reflect on their direct experiences.
  • Know your students reading level.
  • Offering a child balanced reading that incorporates books about other cultures all year round.
  • Reviewing with students how reading is of benefit physically, emotionally, intellectually….
  • Including tasks that provide opportunities for students to apply content vocabulary and use content language in discussions or extended reading or writing assignments.
  • Broadening your own palate, being a model by reading on your own (consider when you last read out of your comfort zone to explore another culture) and share your experience.
  • Encouraging family involvement like providing time, space, quiet and materials for child’s studying, reading and hobbies; setting an example by reading at home and engaging in other learning activities….

For those readers who are family or friends, the NEA C.A.R.E. strategies include:

  • Reading and listening to children read.
  • Discussing school day, family members’ lives, and current events.
  • Storytelling, recounting experiences, and sharing problem-solving strategies.
  • Writing of all kinds (e.g., grocery lists, telephone messages, letters, diary entries).
  • Relating everyday experiences to what is being learned in school, and using these experiences as teaching opportunities.
  • Helping to expand vocabulary.
  • Conducting family activities that help expand the world view.

Lily can recommend a few specially chosen books to enhance the reading program in your child’s life that pertain to culture.  Explore the LeveledReader books chosen by… Continue reading

In looking at the school and events calendar, I realized May is fast approaching.  Of course, we are familiar with May events such as May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, and Mother’s Day.  But there are some other days in May to learn about and celebrate.  Armed Forces Day, Florence Nightingale’s birthday, and Mother Goose Day.  Moreover, May is Better Hearing and Speech Month.

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASLHA), the annual May event ”provides opportunities to raise awareness about communication disorders and to promote treatment that can improve the quality of life for those who experience problems with speaking, understanding, or hearing.”  To learn more about the event, you can visit their site at:

The American Academy of Otolaryngology has a “Hearing Information for Children” category with articles about ‘Infant Hearing Loss,’ ‘Childhood Hearing Loss,’ and “Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Children.”  You can visit their site at: to learn more.

As you teach about our senses, communication, or language, what a wonderful experience it would be to expose youth to a different language, used by those who are Deaf or hard of hearing:  American Sign Language (ASL).

Lily says Leveled Reader has two reworked traditional stories available, offering ASL as a medium along with written and oral presentations. The native ASL users are professional storytellers who will delight your young reader with the beauty of the language whether deaf or hearing.

In the ASL Tales category, you can view a demonstration of the ASL Tales:  Princess and the Pea [Age Level:  2-8 years, Grade Level:  K-4] and ASL Tales:  Rapunzel [Age Level:  3-8 years, Grade Level:  K-4]

Quote:  “The greatest gift is the passion for reading.  It… Continue reading

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