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Guided Reading News

Something for everyone in this set of new G-H-I books for beginning readers:

Leveled Reader’s new G-H-I set 9 is full of interesting and unique characters. From construction worker dogs to a boy who becomes the hero of his football team. Here are the highlights of this fun new collection.

High quality nonfiction leveled readers can be a little challenging to find. We choose the best of the best to put into our leveled book sets. Feeding Time at the Zoo provides readers with interesting facts about what the elephants, giraffes, pandas and tigers at the zoo eat every day. This well-written nonfiction reader with engaging photos is a fantastic choice for reading groups. guided reading Fountas and Pinnell

Dig, Dogs, Dig: A Construction Tail is a popular title in this set. It’s the story of Foreman Duke and his canine construction crew, who use a variety of equipment to build a new park.

Don’t Throw it to Mo! tells the story of Mo Jackson, who lots of kids will be able to identify with. When he joins the football team, he and his coach come up with a plan to turn Mo’s small size into a big advantage for the Robins.

Paddington Sets Sail brings back the classic character to charm readers with his curious nature and his infectious enthusiasm. When his family goes to the beach, Paddington gets swept out to sea, and is off on a new adventure.

Busy Bug Builds a Fort rounds out this entertaining G-H-I set. Busy Bug has his heart set on building a fort in his back yard, but he isn’t making much progress. Along comes his friend Bitsy Bee and together they discover how to make the world’s greatest fort!

This set of G-H-I leveled readers will get kids excited about… Continue reading

New Book Sets for Guided Reading Groups:

Leveled Reader has new leveled books sets for reading groups. Your favorite leveled readers now come in sets of 6 of one title. They’re perfect for use with reading groups.

Teaching Guided Reading groups with emergent readers who are at the beginning stages, has its own particular challenges. There are many important skills that these pre-readers can learn from a Guided Reading lesson. The first step is to find books that are predictable and repetitive, with illustrations that closely follow the text. This is the easy part because Leveled Reader has you covered with leveled book sets for reading groups. guided reading

You are looking for your beginning readers to exhibit the behaviors of reading, even though they may not yet actually be reading. Books that work well are those that are simple enough that children can listen to them, and then “read” them themselves. In this way, they are learning how print works as they read a book they’ve memorized. Repetition is valuable, as it helps young readers develop memory, and helps them learn to predict events in a story.

Here are some books to begin with for successful reading groups with beginning readers:


  • Big Brown Bear, level A-B, is the simplest of stories told in rhyme. David McPhail’s endearing illustrations enrich the story and engage the reader.
  • Ducks Go Vroom, level A-B, contains lots of fun noisy and rhyming words. With bold, engaging illustrations that tell the delightful story of the ducks’ visit.guided reading
  • Chicks!, level C-D, tells the story of a family who brings home some chicks, with a short sentence per page and illustrations that match the text perfectly.
  • Monkey Play, level C-D, is a book… Continue reading

Kids love summer reading:

Summertime is the perfect time to catch up on all the latest and best books. With a break from all the busyness of the school year you and your kids can relax and enjoy jumping wholeheartedly into imaginary and true life adventures of all kinds. Here are some of our favorite reads for these sunny summer days.

Summertime is filled with backyard fun, and at the end of a day outside, it’s satisfying to curl up with a book like Busy Bug Builds a Fort by David A. Carter. It’s a story about how two heads are better than one when it comes to building a backyard fort. A perfect summer read with a simple plot, a bit of dialogue, and some rhyming words for fun.

For readers who are a little more independent, join the Bradford Street Buddies for a backyard camp-out. It turns into a search for a lost cat, and ends in a happy surprise. A great backyard adventure with characters kids can relate to. Guided Reading Level J-K. guided reading

Speaking of adventure, we have a book at the Q-R Guided Reading Level level that is sure to be a hit. It’s the first book in a series about a time-traveling golden retriever named Ranger. In this episode he goes back in time for a Rescue on the Oregon Trail. It’s an exciting blend of history and fiction, and makes an ideal summer read.

Just in time for the Rio Summer Olympics, you can learn about what it’s like to live in Brazil. Told from the perspective of a boy named Marco, Living In Brazil is filled with information about the geography, the history and the daily lives of Brazilians.

We’ve found the best new fiction and nonfiction… Continue reading

New L-M Leveled Books for kids who love a good story

A brand new set of books has come on the scene for readers reading at the L-M level. In this thoughtfully selected assortment of books you will find something for everyone. First we have a story from the mind of Megan McDonald, the beloved author of the Judy Moody series. In fact, Jessica Finch is a good friend of Judy’s, and in this book Judy agrees to hide Jessica’s birthday present at her house until the big day arrives. The tricky part – the present is a pig! And Judy has an interesting time hiding it from Jessica.guided reading level

The set also includes another book about a friendship – Tugg and Teeny, a gorilla and a monkey who live in a jungle neighborhood. The two, as different as they can be, nevertheless, enjoy facing life’s challenges together. In the first book of this charming series, Teeny wants to become a musician, an artist and a poet, all with the help of best friend Tugg.

Tales for Very Picky Eaters is a deliciously funny book about James, a boy who doesn’t like most foods. So his dad tells him ridiculous stories of fanciful and gross foods that he could eat instead, like lumpy swelling oatmeal and fine imported dirt served with earthworms. Kids, both picky and not-so-picky, love this creative book with its smart sense of humor.

A nonfiction book, Seal Pup Rescue, brings us the story of a seal pup named Leopard who, like all baby seals, needs to rest on the beach after swim time, just like human babies take their naps. But problems can arise when curious people and animals get too close to the seals and disturb or frighten them. That’s… Continue reading

We hear that schools cannot “do it all.” That means it is our responsibility to be engaged in the learning process right along with our children.

Sometimes that seems a little overwhelming. By knowing what our child is learning and reading about in school, and what they might be extra excited about, we can grab that opportunity to select contemporary and exciting books that have been leveled to compliment the guided reading program their school participates in. By reading these books to them and having them read to us, we not only stop and spend quality time with our child, we also get a chance to see where they might need a little more attention or help.

Providing our children books leveled to compliment their school reading program gives them more practice, and it enhances the efforts our teachers are putting out to assure our kids grow up with the reading skills that will be the base tools for success in whatever career or life path they choose to pursue.

Guided reading programs are not new, they’ve been around for a long time. Unfortunately budget problems can reduce the variety of quality reading materials a school / teacher is able to offer to your child. is a book store that was started out of the desire to bridge the gap between the efforts of your child’s teacher and the support you give your child at home. Our staff has years of experience as teachers and parents, as well as with the guided reading leveling systems used by most schools such as Wright Group, Reading Recovery, Fountas and Pinell, Developmental Reading Assessment, Rigby Literacy and Lexile.

When you browse our book and book set selections you… Continue reading

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